Am I Really Going to Hell?

Once again, I was told I'm going to burn in hell because I'm not a Christian. The first time I heard this was from my dear ol' mom. She is a born again Christian. We were once Catholic and then we all went separate ways; I converted to Judaism, Mom and Sister to Christianity.
Recently I was told the same thing by a youngster who's mom has convinced him that every non-Christian "will burn in hell." He is so concerned for me that he has asked me to remove my protection bracelet (given to me by my Buddhist monk) so I can be saved from going to hell.

But am I really going to hell? I don't think so. And what if I was? I'll deal with it then. Am I scared? Hell no!

I have never believed in hell. Even when I was Catholic, hell was not something that ever scared me, nor was it something I ever thought about. I also have never believed in the devil. For me, the devil has always been a scare tactic. And if there is a hell, it would be the now. Doesn't the present sometimes feel like a hell? The present seems to be the place where we are tested. This is where all bad things seem to occur. Sadly, some parents lose their children in the present time. This would be hell. Nothing would be worse than that, so how can I believe in a hell after leaving my present.

I do strongly believe in being a good person now so that when we leave the present, we can be remembered as such. I do believe in reincarnation. I do wish to come back as something good. I wouldn't mind coming back as a well loved, loyal dog. I pass on wanting to come back as a cat because I'm highly allergic to them. Anyway, my point is that I want to come back as something or someone good. But that is secondary to just being good now. I feel my purpose in this life is to help others, set a good example, and to raise two boys that will hopefully lead an honest life because of a small percentage of what I have taught them. I believe in leading by example and hope they will do the same and pay it forward.

Religion has never been my top priority because I have never wanted it to define me. I'm a mother. I'm a woman. I'm a Jew by choice just like I run by choice and sew by choice. I have faith and plenty of it, but I do not have the need to tell the world what my faith is. I also don't feel the need to shove my believes down people's throats. And I absolutely would never correct someone's believes because I am woman enough to say, I don't have the answers.


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