Starting all over again is a lot of work

As of today, I will bitch, complain, and praise here. Why not?

Sometime two summers ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus. It was a word I was not familiar with. I don't recall ever hearing such word. Anyway, I was diagnosed with it. Now, not only am I friends with Celiac Disease, I am also friends with Lupus; Two autoimmune disease issues. Lovely.

So for the past two years, I have been learning ways to manage the pain and the physical/mental changes I have been going through. I exercise like a crazy woman to ease my pain. I try to keep busy to easy my mind.

The pain has been getting worse. I refuse to go on meds because the side-effects seem to be worse than the pain. So now I decided about a week ago to change my diet completely and start from scratch. I have taken on Veganism. I was a vegan many years ago and I am now a vegan again. Great, I can't eat gluten and now I won't have anything animal product-base. So far, it's going well.

I have forgotten to mention, I am also avoiding any kind of stress. This is laughable. But I at least have to give it a try.

Today marks my 7th day as a vegan. I have been cooking more. I have also been spending more money at the market. Who knew it costs more to cook at home than eating out? Ridiculous.

My daily meals consist of:

AM- Smoothie with - Spinach, frozen pineapple, frozen blueberries, tofu (instead of Greek yogurt), almond butter, a whole bunch of spices, and almond milk. I'm now addicted to almond milk.

SNACK- apple & raw almonds

LUNCH- GoMacro Macro bar or Pea Protein shake

SNACK- salad

DINNER- A veggie-based homemade dinner with some brown rice

and my exercise for pain consists of rotating:

7 minute treadmill run, 20 minutes 15% incline walk, 2 minute plank, 2 minute crunches

30 minute spinning with 10lb. barbells, 2 minute squats, 2 minute plank

On a different note, we have adopted a 3rd poodle mix from our local animal shelter. His name is Wyatt Earp. I believe he's a cockapoo. We can't seem to get enough poodle love!


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