What if...

Today, after learning that a child's stepfather is more than a biological father to her, I wondered about my life; how it would have been if my mother would have been receptive enough to marry someone. She dated a couple of different men(during different times, of course) that were marriage material. She was always afraid to share her girls with anyone else. The outcome of this? She ended up alone. I wonder if she would have soften up with us. I just wonder.

Lucky are those children that have been given a second chance at being loved by a parent.

Day 9: Doing well. I've caught myself running longer on the treadmill. I was told my running days are over due to my malicious malalignment. It's hard not to run, so I just run a little. I pray it won't backfire.
My diet has been great. I don't miss animal protein at all. I look forward to my avocado and rice cake treat. I might stick to this diet longer than expected.


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